Rules of Texting Etiquette for Gay Men

It’s obvious that nowadays everyone texts messages to each other, especially in relationships. But not many people really understand how to text, so that’s why there are rules we all gay men need to know. It may help you to avoid awkward situations or whatever it is.
Here we go, 8 rules of texting etiquette gay and bisexual men should know!

1. There’s one thing you should definitely use more in your messages – exclamation marks. In 2015 The Washington Post wrote an article, which says that messages ending with a period are considered to be written with no enthusiasm and people who send them are heartless. Show that you are sincere – use exclamation marks!
2. It’s sad when someone doesn’t reply to your messages, so don’t do that to your potential boyfriend! Respond. Always. In case you’re busy that’s okay but don’t ignore them if you’re just watching tv or doing absolutely nothing lying in bed. It’s rude.
3. If you start typing a message, don’t stop. Just imagine that you see those anticipatory three dots followed with no response. You would be disappointed. Don’t be a monster.
4. Avoid using words which may be perceived as passive aggressive, such as “okay”, “fine”. Don’t be passive aggressive at all in your messages. Responds like that may sound cruel, because they don’t express your actual feelings.
5. Show your excitement using lots of exclamation marks, caps lock and send 6 or more signs right in a row to express your emotions.
6. Avoid serious conversations via messages. If you need to talk you have to TALK. You have to discuss your problems in person to get rid off misunderstandings.
7. For some people it’s hard to talk about their feelings in person, so they express all of their thoughts in text and it is okay but don’t overdo with it. You can’t always hide behind texts when you feel like telling how much you love him.
8. Never ever text just “Hey”. If you really want to talk better ask something like “How are you?” or “What have you been up to?”. People who know each other never say “Hey”, it means you know nothing about this person.

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